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Flexible Payment Planning


TDLR Forms have changed as of December 2018

The 2018 revised registration form asks for additional information than was required on past versions of the form, so make sure you have the latest version. Please feel free to request registration by clicking here or by selecting the Request Registration tab above.

​To register the project yourself please visit: & enter RAS number 93 to assign the project to Todd.

This form must be submitted with all projects IF you are a Licensed Design Professional. 

This form is only required  ** IF ** the Building/Facility Owner wants to designate someone at another company to act as a Designated Agent on their behalf in regards to the TAS process. If an Owner’s Designated Agent is entered at the time of registration, TDLR requires us to obtain this form signed by the Building/Facility Owner prior to performing the TAS Plan Review.

*** PLEASE NOTE - As of 4/01/2022, the property's County Appraisal District account number must be entered on the OAD, or else TDLR will reject the form.

This form is pretty confusing. Please give us a call at (512) 374-1696 if you need clarification about how to fill it out or if you need to submit it at all. 

The [Request for Inspection Form] can be submitted when the Texas Accessibility Standards Inspection is requested. It must be completed and signed by an employee of the BUILDING OWNER or the DESIGNATED AGENT.

Effective 6/24/2019, TDLR will also accept a written statement from the an employee of the Building/Facility Owner or the Owner's Designated Agent requesting the inspection. An email with the project information and company information of the person requesting the inspection will suffice.


​An employee of the Building/Facility Owner or Designated Agent can also submit our online [Inspection Request Form].


​If the request is made a Designated Agent, an employee of the Building Owner must sign an Owner Agent Designation Form (OAD) naming the Agent (someone who is not an employee of the Building Owner company).

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