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         TAS Inspection

COVID-19 UPDATE - March 24, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to update you about our efforts to continue assisting clients while also protecting the health and safety of our staff.


We have set up our staff to work remotely from home and instituted a work-from-home policy for the foreseeable future. We are completely connected to our office technology through secure remote desktop protocol. Be assured that while we are transitioning to this new arrangement, we are available Monday through Friday to accept new projects and set up site inspections.


We are currently responding to inspection requests in many areas of Texas. Please contact us at or, and we will work with you to provide the service that you need.


We appreciate and value your continued patronage, and we want to work together to continue to provide you with the quality service you expect from us.


We hope that you are all safe, healthy and well, Todd Lozano


According to Architectural Barriers Administrative Rule 68.52, the owner of a building or facility subject to §469.101 of the Architectural Barriers Act shall obtain an inspection from a registered accessibility specialist not later than the first anniversary of the completion of construction.

ECD's TAS Site Inspection Consulting includes the Site Inspection, Inspection Worksheet, discussion of items noted on the Inspection Worksheet, discussion and explanation of TAS requirements and current AB Interpretations.

Inspection Request

According to TDLR’s 2018 RAS Procedures, a written statement requesting the TAS Inspection is required. The Inspection Request must be completed by the an employee of the Building/Facility Owner as entered on the TDLR Project Registration or the Owner’s Designated Agent as identified on the Owner Agent Designation Form. TDLR would accept a statement in an email as valid for this purpose. TDLR will also accept a completed TDLR Request for Inspection Form signed by the Owner or the Owner’s Designated Agent.

Owner's Request
Owner Agent Designation Form
Construction Status
Contact Information
Site Contact
Billing Contact
Worksheet Contact

If the Inspection Request is completed by the Owner’s Designated Agent, TDLR requires a TDLR Owner Agent Designation Form signed by an employee of the Building Owner.

Inspection Request should provide information regarding the Construction Status including the estimated construction completion date, team/department move-in dates and open/occupancy dates.

In addition to the Owner’s or Designated Agent’s written/email request, we also require the following contact information:

An individual's name, company name, company address, phone, and email for the person who should be called to schedule the inspection.  Typically, this is the person who can meet the inspector at the site and ensure that the inspector has access to all areas contained in the scope of work for the project.

An individual's name, company name, company address, phone, and email for the person who should receive and process the inspection invoice.

An individual's name, company name, company address, phone, and email for the person who should receive the site inspection worksheet.  Typically, this is the person who can coordinate any changes that may need to occur at the site as a result of the accessibility site inspection.

Inspection Process

1. Submit Forms

2. Conduct Inspection

3. Inspection Worksheet

4. Approval Explanation

5. Disapproval Explanation

6. Inspection Response Corrective Modifications

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