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Instructions for setting up a new account

  1. Go to Link TDLR TABS - Login

  2. Click "Register New User?"

  3. Select " Others associated with the project"

  4. Select appropriate Title

  5. Fill in First Name, Last Name, Email

  6. Create a Password

  7. Click "I agree to the Terms of Use"

  8. Click "Register User"



  1. Click "Projects" in the upper left hand corner

  2. Select Register Project

    • PLEASE NOTE: When entering Estimated Construction Cost  – DO NOT INCLUDE DECIMAL POINTS (ex: $100,000,00 – enter as 100000)

  3.  Enter Todd Lozano RAS information - #93

  4.  Enter Project Information

    • PLEASE NOTE: REGARDING TYPE OF FUNDS - If the Owner contributes even $1.00 towards the corst of construction or in construction allowance, then the project is NOT tenant funded. This is very important because different requirements are triggered with the Building Owner Contributes any amount toward the cost of construction.

  5.  Add Owner Information

    • TABS will automatically open the Owner Information section

      • Must have Owner information & Owner Contact Email for TABS to allow you to register the project.

  6. Add Designer Information

    •  you must select Check Box “ADD DESIGN FIRM” to add Architect Information (TABS does not automatically require designer info)

  7. Add Tenant Information – (NOT required)

    • If necessary select Check Box “ADD TENANT” to add tenant information

  8. Add Agent Information – (NOT required)

    • PLEASE NOTE: A Valid Signed Owner Agent Designation form signed by the Building Owner is required when adding an Agent at registration. This form can be found on our website under the Forms & Fees Tab.

  9. Click Submit

  10. Review All Registration Information

    • PLEASE NOTE: After registration it is now required that all project information changes be made by written notification from the BuildingOwner or Assigned Designated Agent.

  11.  Enter Payment Information


To print the Confirmation Page (now called Project Details Page)

  1. Click "Projects" in upper left hand corner

  2. Select "Search Projects"

  3. Search for Project

  4. Click on blue TABS project Number

  5. Click "Print View"

  6. Print Project Details Page.

Once Logged Into TABS:

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