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All projects subject to TAS (construction cost of $50,000 or more) are required to be registered through the Texas Architectural Barriers System (TABS), and require a filing fee of $175.00 to be paid to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). 

​To register the project yourself please visit: & enter RAS number 93 to assign the project to Todd - he will be listed as Richard (his first name) Lozano. You will be required to pay $175 for the TDLR filing fee.


If you would like for us to register the project for you, complete the [Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form] and email it to us at We will invoice you for the $175 TDLR filing fee plus an additional $25 administrative service fee for a total fee of $200.00. We will pay the $175 on your behalf and will send you an invoice once you submit the drawings for the Texas Accessibility Standards Plan Review.


If any changes, corrections or updates need to be made to the project information after it is registered, TDLR requires a written request from an employee of the Building/Facility Owner or the Designated Agent. Therefore, please be verify the accuracy of your information before you register the project.

Accuracy of Details
Designated Agent NOT Required
Owner Contact
Owner Email

The name of the company entered as the Owner must be the Person or Company that owns the Building or  Facility in which the project is located. In most cases, this is the landlord, not a tenant.

Please enter this information as [OWNER COMPANY - CONTACT NAME] in the one space that is provided.


Please note that if you enter a Designated Agent in the Registration, an executed TDLR Owner Agent Designation Form must be signed by the Owner of the Building/Facility and submitted to us before TDLR will allow us to do the accessibility plan review. Designated Agents are NOT required, and should only be entered if the Building/Facility Owner wants to designate a person at a different company to act on their behalf in regards to compliance with TAS.

TDLR requires that all correspondence related to the Texas Accessibility Standards Registration, Plan Review and Inspection must be emailed to the Building/Facility Owner. Therefore, you will be required to provide an email address for the Owner Contact of the Building/Facility at the time of registration.

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